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The Spotlights On You: Pretty Thunder

Hi, This is (Carolyn) AKA Pretty Thunder. I have a music room on Paltalk and it is called, PRETTY THUNDER'S JUKEBOX MUSIC FROM THE 50íS TO 2004.

It is a (G) rated room, a good, clean room. I logged on to Paltalk over 4 years ago as my husband Chuck had Alzheimers Disease and I was his caregiver for over 6 years, he was then placed in a nursing home and passed away on January 17, 2004. I was in a depression and logged on to Paltalk to listen to oldies music, as that is what Chuck liked, little did I know that one day I would have my own music room. WOW This is so exciting.

I have met some wonderful people from all walks of life in paltalk, some good, some not so good. I have been called all kinds of names on here both good and bad, but you have to learn to go forward and not let it get to you. I am like a Mother Hen looking out for her little chicks. It is not easy running a music room, each day we have problems that we must deal with. Not all are happy with my decisions, but I try to help people and have to follow my heart. I want to bring happiness to everyone that comes into PRETTY THUNDERS JUKEBOX MUSIC FROM THE 50íS TO 2004. We have guidelines in our room and we all follow them.

I also have a support group on the internet helping people with their caregiving for their loved ones. I had good support when I needed it going through my journey with Chuck. I was married to Chuck for 50 years and have two children and 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

I have a website and collect signatures to take to Congress for more research to find a cure or something to prevent this devastating disease, Alzheimers. On September 21, 2000 I took over 20,500 signatures to Congress when I spoke to the Alzheimers Task Force.

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