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Press Release - September 4, 2000


Will ask for more research for Alzheimer cure

"Our nation faces horrendous threats from Alzheimer's disease. We need more research to find a cure, and more help for caregivers who carry a terrible burden", says Carolyn Haynali, preparing to carry an earnest message to Washington D.C. on September 21.

Founded for benefit of Alzheimer victims and caregivers, the Caregivers Army is gathering signatures nationwide in support of an Alzheimer Petition. The petition will be presented to the Congressional Alzheimer's Task Force on September 21. Carolyn Haynali is the Army's founder and spokesperson. Her husband Chuck has advanced Alzheimer's.

Haynali will spotlight the importance of research towards conquering Alzheimer's. She will report that only a small fraction of the current effort is to develop treatments. The great majority of research deals with diagnosis, methods of care, exploring the nature of the disease, and creating drugs which mostly treat the symptoms of the disease, not it's root causes. "Many promising new approaches to Alzheimer treatment need to be studied", said Haynali. "New ideas must be explored. Innovative researchers need more incentives. Essential resources need to be made available to all researchers."

"A huge industry is emerging to provide difficult, expensive care to Alzheimer victims. Shouldn't we make as much effort to conquer this disease as we make to cope with it?", she asks.

A major killer of Americans, and perhaps the most dreaded of all diseases, Alzheimer's robs victims of memory, then renders them completely dependent on others for care. More than four million Americans are afflicted. Ominously, the toll is predicted to double every 25 years, creating a major threat to American health care systems including Medicare and Medicaid. It is not just a disease of the very old, because people in their fifties and even younger are affected. More than 10 million Americans care for a victim. Although the cost of Alzheimer care in the USA exceeds $100 billion annually, the current research budget is only about 0.5% of that amount, and only a small proportion of that is for developing treatments. "We need much more research effort", emphasizes Haynali. "It's the humane, cost-effective thing to do."

Haynali urges all Americans to sign the Alzheimer Petition online at it's website, http://www.caregiversarmy.org. The mailing address of the Caregivers Army is: P.O. Box 64, Berlin Center, OH 44401. Carolyn Haynali's e-mail address is carladydove1@juno.com.

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