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Caregiver's Army Alzheimer's Disease Video Special

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Franklin K. Cassel MD, one of the members of the Caregiver's Army, has put together an exceptional video for Caregiver's and others coping with Alzheimer's Disease. The video contains:

  • Blue Ridge Cable TV interview with F.K. Cassel.
  • "Flowers for Peggy" - video project collaboration 1 with Elizabethtown College student Tyler Speicher.
  • "Coping with Alzheimer's" - video project collaboration #2 with Elizabethtown College student Erin Otten.
  • WGAL tv interview: Lori Burkholder & F..K. Cassel.
  • "Dottie's Memories" - example of a memory video for an AD patient, by husband Jay Hollinger. Memory books and videos are a great idea.
F.K. Cassel
This is a 52 minute video

Dr. Franklin describes his involvement in Alzheimer's:

"In 1997 my wife of 58 years died of Alzheimer's disease. Professionally, I practiced medicine for 55 years, and in the last years of my practice I saw only geriatric patients. Both personally and professionally I have been very invested in understanding Alzheimer's and quality care giving.

The accompanying video is a composite of a number of projects. I have felt videos are an excellent way caregivers and AD patients can learn about the disease. I offer the current effort with my sincere wish that you find it helpful in your own search for answers and direction. All nursing and health care facilities will find it helpful for all their caregivers."

"I have also written two short booklets to share my story with others (available from me):
Flowers for Peggy, One couples experience with Alzheimer's (1994)
My Life: A Dedication to Service (2001)"

My basic advise regarding Alzheimer's care-giving is as follows:
It is important that caregivers learn all they can about the disease and that they help the patient with sufficient understanding as to just what is happening to them (so that they might accept the diagnosis and be willing to develop coping techniques and patterns of living avoiding conflict). Since the patient is no longer able to create new memory and is loosing memory in reverse to its creation, their reality is based on their life of years ago. To keep them happy you must not try to change their reality, but allow them to live in their past. Distract them to things they like as you remind them of things in the past of which they can be proud. Do this and you will allow them to feel loved and still important. You will develop a love/trust relationship and they will want to do the things they ought to do (things you will never get them to do by arguing or ordering).

  • Never ARGUE, instead, AGREE. Never REASON, instead, DIVERT.
  • Never SHAME, instead, DISTRACT. Never LECTURE, instead, REASSURE.
  • Never "REMEMBER," instead, REMINISCE. Never "I TOLD YOU," instead, REPEAT.
  • Never "YOU CAN'T," instead, "DO WHAT YOU CAN." Never FORCE, instead, REINFORCE
  • Never COMMAND or DEMAND, instead ASK or MODEL.
(Jo Huey, Greater New Odlenes Patient and Family Service)

Cost, Video $12.00 book $1.50 (postage included) All over expenses goes to the Lititz Church of the Brethren, or the First Church of the Brethren of Chicago.

Copies can be ordered from:
Franklin K. Cassel
3001 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA17606

check my web site: http://hometown.aol.com/fkcassel4221914/myhomepage/index.html
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