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The Caregivers' Army has launched a worldwide petition drive in support of finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. Researching the cause and cure of this disease offers our best hope.

"Known as senility for thousand of years, Alzheimer's had only in the past few decades become a major health problem. Five million Americans and perhaps 15 million people worldwide now had the incurable disease, and those number would soon look attractive. Beginning in 2011 the first of the baby boomers would turn sixty-five and start to unravel in significant numbers. By 2050, about 15 billion people in the U.S. alone would have Alzheimer's, at an annual cost of as much as $700billion." from David Shenks new book,"Alzheimer's Portrait of an Epidemic"

In recent years, research has yielded important discoveries. Researchers say they are close to finding ways to slow Alzheimer's in its developing stages. The genes associated with the disease have been identified. New drugs and other substances may work to slow its progression. Much more needs to be done. We must do all that we can to stop this terrible disease.

Advances in medical research may help slow its wicked progression and let more people live their golden years in dignity. That's why we are working to secure substantial increases in funding for Alzheimer's research.

The goal is to collect 1 million or more signatures. The signatures will be presented to Congress in Washington, DC, to show that AD victims and their caregivers have huge public support for more recognition and help.

Who can sign? Anyone and everyone! That includes people not registered to vote, non-American citizens - anyone! A person doesn't even need to "sign" the petition. As long as they say it's OK, you can add their name to it. That way you can even collect names by telephone, fax or email!

You can sign the petition online by clicking HERE, and you can print a copy of the petition HERE (PDF format). If you are signing online please provide your email address and your state of residence in addition to your name. The Army can also send you the petition and several signature forms if you give them your address. Write to:

Caregivers Army
WEST CHESTER, Ohio 45069

and send a SASE. (self-addressed stamped envelope)

Representatives of the Caregiver's Army will take your signatures to Congress.

Please be sure and pass this on to family and friends. Help us collect as many signatures as possible. I want to see future generations not having to worry about Alzheimer's disease.

Thank you,
Carolyn Haynali
Spokesperson and Founder for Caregivers Army
e-mail: carolyn@caregiversarmy.org

Comments From Petition Signers

Debbie Parham 2/18/01 2:53:03 PM My mother lives with this dreadful disease...it is so hard to watch her lose all the wonderful memories and happenings in her life. She was such a wonderful giver and helped everyone and now can barely help herself. We would love to find a cure before it becomes our time in life...God Bless! Floirda

BArbara Ann Taylor 1/25/01 8:18:22 AM Please help us because it hards to see what your love ones have go threw this awful disease and so costly which I will need help. Thank you for hearing us out. Barb Taylor Pennsylvania
Nancy Sue Clack 1/3/01 10:49:28 PM My mother is stricken with theis awful disease and I feel we need to be doing more to help those afflicted with Altheimers. Your organization and this site is just wonderful. I found it very helpful as a caregiver.Nancy Floirda
Dixie Mueting 12/15/00 5:12:19 PM What a great thing to do. I have admired a friend who has taken care of her husband during Alzheimers and now I am in the midst of a "similar" situation with my husband. I never thought it could happen to me. Nebraska
henny dionne 11/18/00 12:59:27 PM I,m like any other caregiver always looking to improve our standard of living.This site like angelsonmysde have helped us cope.Sincere thanks mrs dionne Ohio
Charlene K Gibson 10/1/00 3:17:07 PM I am a licensed caregiver and specialize in Alzheimer and Dementia patients. I will pass your petition around for signatures and this is a very worthy cause.Thank you for the oportunity to support you. Oregon
Virginia / Karen Schirmer 10:45 pm friday august 4, 2000 According to this years research funding figures (www.pennyhill.com)we're spending thousands of dollars per person per year for AIDS research and about a hundred dollars per person per year on Alzheimer's research. What's wrong with this picture?

Petition Signature / Brian and Jean Smith 7:19 pm friday august 4, 2000 We hereby sign the petition. We live in Connecticut. My grandmother had a mild form of this before she passed away. I can't imagine what it must have been like for her to have all her realities, dreams and memories fade away before her. I hope you can cure this before it is my turn.

Support for caregivers Hugh Dusza 2:54 pm wednesday august 2, 2000 Please consider supporting those laboring selflessly to care for their loved ones who have Alheimer's. Support legislation to find a cure. Support legislation to aid finincially those who must give up their own careers to help their loved ones with Alzheimer's. Pray for a cure. Pray for the caregivers in their giving their life to those with Alzheimers.

Dementia research Lynn Jackson 8:20 pm tuesday july 18, 2000 I am in support of more funding for Alzheimer and other Dementias funding. I am a 45 year with Frontotemporal Dementia. I live in Canada and as we have a much smaller population than the U.S. it is more likely that the research and funding will come first from the U.S. People like me are in need of a better treatment/cure for this awful disease. Our time is running out. Please help us.

Alz. petition The Callahan Family 1:56 pm monday august 7, 2000 Our family is dealing with the deterioration of our Dad due to this insidious disease. It is our hope and prayer that signing this petition will help in finding a cure for this disease.

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