Carolyn and Chuck Haynali
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My name is Carolyn Haynali, and my husband Chuck of 47 years has Alzheimer's Disease (AD).  I took care of him for over 6 years, and now he is in a VA home.  He is content and happy.  I miss him with all my heart.

I have two children:  Denise and Charles, Jr.  Three grandchildren:  Summer Love, Shalistar Nichole, and Sutherlin Page.  One great-grandson:  Dylan. 

God has blessed me through these writings.  I do keep a journal which is on another site.

These poems came from my heart and speak of how I am going through my journey with Alzheimer's.  I pray they bless you, and you can find some comfort as you read them.

This is not over for me yet.....It is just a long Goodbye.

I also founded and started the Caregivers Army for people that need support.  And I try to get help for the Caregivers who are stressed and have nowhere to turn.

We can make a difference if we stand together as an Army!
Carolyn Haynali  --  Lady Dove
If you would like to have more information on Alzheimer's Disease there will be a page with links to other sites with lots of information.

I ask that you please get in touch with the Caregivers Army today, and sign their petition.  You can do this online.  Be on that field to help win the war against Alzheimer's Disease.  Our future and our children's futures are affected by this dreadful disease.  We need your signature.  With your help we will win this war against AD.

Try walking in the victims of AD's paths for only one hour.  And try to understand what they are going through.  Then you will see what the victim and the caregiver go through 24/7 all year long.  And years add up with AD.  It steals lives and destroys families, 'cause no one understands  and our government won't help support the cause enough.  That's why we have a petition begging for you to sign.  If we had the help we need to find a cure, then we would not have to ask for your help.
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