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The petition is back on line, but searching or viewing is no longer allowed. Read about .

Spokeswoman Carolyn attended a conference on March 7th Chicken Soup for The Caregiver's Soul and met with co-author LeAnn Thieman. Sponsored by Hospice of Cincinnati and Council On Aging of Southwestern Ohio at the Sharonville Convention Center in Sharonville, Ohio. LeAnn co-authored several of the Chicken Soup books, and is a nationally acclaimed speaker, author and nurse. Carolyn met with her after and gave her a copy of the Alzheimers Patient's Prayer.

Carolyn and LeAnn

Spokeswoman Given Annual Award for Elder Caregiving. Read about the Ohio Department of Aging presnting award to our founder Carolyn.

Simple therapies with surprisingly effective results. Read about Therapies by Chip Gerber to learn about these positive, fun "treatments".

The holidays often accentuate our grief. Overcoming Loneliness and Grief by Carolyn Haynali is an insightful, first hand account of life going forward through Alzheimer's.

Caregiver's Army Spokesperson Carolyn Haynali continues to get our message out. Pictured below with Justice Terrence O'Donnell (Supreme Court of Ohio) and Tarick Bernat of American Finacial Services.

See the interview with our founder Carolyn from the Norwalk Reflector reprinted here. Special thanks to the paper for sending me the article!!

Caregiver's Army Spokesperson Carolyn Haynali gets our message out across all media. Pictured below with Dick Thompson & Johnny Kay of 600am radio station, home of nostalgia music oldies, out of Salem Ohio.

Caregiver's Army Spokesperson Carolyn Haynali attended the Fearless Caregiver Forum in Cleveland Ohio along with as the guest of Gary Barg of Today's Caregvier Magazine (a guest speaker), loads of caregivers, Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging, and Debbie Reynolds. Debbie was fabulous and Carolyn is pictured here with her.

Carolyn Haynali and Debbie Reynolds

Look for the interview of our Spokesperson Carolyn by the Norwalk Reflector news paper of Ohio. She was interviewed by Aaron Krause, and the article will be appearing in October. We will post what issue when this information is made available.

Now you can read, listen to or download a beautiful rendition of Through The Eyes Of An Alzheimer's Patient in mp3 format.

Now you can read the petition in French. PETITION POUR LA MALADIE D'ALZHEIMER (MA) (French)

See how you can get your copy of the new book by our founder carolyn, "Poetry From The Heart By an Alzheimer's Caregiver", and help the Army. All book proceeds go to the Caregiver's Army.

See how you can get your copy of the video "What Everyone, Especially Caregivers, Should Know about Alzheimer's" by Franklin K Cassel and help the cause.

Alzheimer's knows no boundaries and effects all people of all races and backgrounds. The Caregivers Army wants to get our message and our petition out to everyone! Check out our photos of Spokeswoman Carolyn Haynali with Jerry Springer, and look for a mention on his show.

Archives of the tuesday night broadcasts of The Caregiver's Army Cares For You Talk Show are now available as MP3's.

Now you can download the petition as a Word Document in Portugese or en espaņol.

Chuck and Carolyn

The entire Caregiver's Army extends our condolences to our founder Carolyn Haynali on the passing of her husband Chuck Haynali, who suffered from Alzheimer's. You can visit Chuck Haynali's Memorial Page here. Having been Carolyn's "web helper" for a number of years and first hand seeing her devotion and long fight in Chuck and all Alzheimer's patients behalf I can only say to Carolyn, "Chuck must be so proud of you as we all are".

Carolyn has added some new poems to her personal site written to Chuck.

The Caregivers Army now accepts PayPal for donations to help keep our efforts going.

The video done for the Caregivers Army is finally ready to pick up (May 2003). Check back for availability.

Now you can listen and download beautiful renditions of The Alzheimer's Patient's Prayer and The Alzheimer's Mini-ad - in mp3 format.

Carolyn and Franklin will be going to Millersvill University on May 20th, 2002 to see about getting a video done for the Caregivers Army. Let's keep good thoughts with them!

Carolyn Haynali was in Washington DC at the Alzheimers Public Policy Forum April 27th-30th. Good things are happening!

Our Spokesperson Carolyn Haynali has been very busy out there promoting our cause. She has spoken at many grange meetings, church groups, radio broadcasts, signature gatherings at the Comedy Barn and many more. For upcoming events, please check out our Events Page.

The Caregiver's Army has been written up in:

  • Todays Caregivers Magazine March/April 2000, about the Caregivers Army
  • Todays Caregivers Magazin November/December2000 about placing a loved one in a nursing home
  • Mxcknight long term care news November 20, 2000
  • Plain Dealer Cleveland, Ohio
  • Review Youngstown, Ohio
  • Senior News Youngstown
  • Community Roundup News paper - Western Reserve WEST CHESTER, Ohio
  • General Motors Focus 1714 +1112 Lordstown, Ohio
  • Church of the Brethren Washington DC office
  • Westlife Newspaper-North Olmstead
  • Christian Assembly-Youngstown, Ohio
  • Cuyahoga County Department for Senior and Adults Service
  • Rotary Club Brunswick, Ohio
  • Lakeview Assembly of God Lake Milton, Ohio
  • Desert News
  • North Olmsted Assembly of God Church-Ohio
  • Ruritans Ohio
  • The Veteran, Sandusky, Ohio

In October 2001, was interview on the Gannett News Service by Carl Weiser news reporter The main topic consist of a discussion on how hard was it to get to our Congressman and State Senators It is a lot of hard work to get their attention and a lot of phone calls and letters to write..

Stardust Radio Network has joined in our quest for 1 million signatures. Please visit their site or our Events Page for scheduled broadcasts.

Carolyn Haynali had the first Alzheimer Concert on the Internet to be broadcast over Internet Radio on June 22-24,01, It was called Pal Stock the cure for Alzheimer Disease. Music history was made to create Global awareness of Alzheimer disease it was sponsored by www.SkyBiz.com/DannyWilliams it was a great success.

Carolyn Haynali was on interviewed by Carl Weiseron September 4th - Gannett News Service, the Washington bureau for the Gannett newspaper chain, the largest chain in America. This story will go out to about 100 newspapers across the country.

Carolyn Haynali was on Internet Radio - WAKE UP USA on August 1st. She was interviewed for an hour in her constant effort to create global awareness of Alzheimer's Disease.

Read Carolyn Haynali's feature article in Today's Caregiver Magazine Into Hands of Strangers - Placing a Loved One Into a Nursing Home.

New pictures of Carolyn Haynaliand Bill Adams from the Senior Focus Television Show and the broadcast Caregiver Army spot.

Carolyn Haynali - the Caregiver's Army's spokesperson - spoke at the Solo Club at the Church of Christ on May 17th, updating them with the progress of the petition.

The message is getting out there! Take a look at this letter from a Judge in Rocky River, Ohio applauding the Army's efforts. Or how about this one from an Ohio State Representative offering support, and this one from an Ohio State Senator.

Franklin Cassel and Jay Hollinger have put together an educational video (made by Elizabethtown College) providing programs for various groups. To date they have had about 20 such and now have 10 scheduled in the future. Their Video is available to any and all Army members who may wish to share in the effort to educate the public regarding this dread disease and especially caregivers as to what constitutes good care. Please contact Franklin at:fkcassel4221914@aol.com for more information.

Carolyn Haynali - the Caregiver's Army's spokesperson - spoke at the Berea's Commission on Aging April 19th, updating them with the progress of the petition. You can see their enthusiasm from the letter of thanks.

The On-line petition is drawing in signers from all over the US, with recent signatures from Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Califorina and Texas. Keep up the good work of passing out the Caregiver's Army website and bringing in the signatures.

Carolyn Haynali - the Caregiver's Army's spokesperson - spoke at General Motors updating them with the progress of the petition and collecting many more signatures.

On April 3, 2001, Franklin K. Cassel attended Capitol Hill Day of the Alzheimer's Forum in Washington, DC.

The morning was spent in attending a Senate budget hearing where Senator Sweigart and other committee members heard the Alzheimer's Association present witnesses with the case for urgent action to do something to stop Alzheimer's now. With predictions that the number of cases will rise to 14 million and the cost to $375 billions by the middle of the century, urgent action is essential

The remainder of the day was spent visiting the Offices of his two senators and his Congressman. Franklin informed them of what he was doing to fight Alzheimer's and the Army's continuing efforts to get signatures. He told them we would be back later with the Alzheimer's Task Force to present our case. It was a good day to get signatures and to enlist some to help get signatures for us. Franklin left home at 5 AM and it was after 7 PM when he got back. A great day!

The Caregiver's Army was awarded Top Alzheimer site for March 2001 - you can see our award and go to the toplists from our Caregiver's Army - Links page.

Click here to hear all about the trip to Washington DC and see the pictures of Carolyn and Franklin with the congressmen they met with.

The Caregiver's Army has received their non-profit papers from the state of Ohio. You'll also find the resolution that North Olmsted Ohio did for the Caregivers Army here.

The Caregiver's Army believes that all those dedicated caregivers out there are our unsung heros. We have created an Unsung Hero, so drop us a note on the caregivers you know!

September 4th the army launched a series of Press Releases that can be found across the US. For the text of the latest release - please go to the Press Room.

Our spokesperson, Carolyn, will be interviewed on Live TV on September 6, at 11:00 PM on a Senior Talk Show - "Plus or Minus Sixty".

The Caregiver's Army was awarded Top Alzheimer site for August - you can see our award and go to the toplists from our home page.

The Caregivers Army (caregiversarmy.org) has been invited by the Congressional Alzheimer's Task Force to attend a task force meeting in September. Carolyn Haynali will present the Alzheimer Petition and the signatures that have been collected. She will also present arguments for several issues, including increased budget for Alzheimer research and more assistance to caregivers.

Signature collection for the Petition will continue, and the Army will return to Washington in February or March of 2001 for another presentation and budget push.

These are big steps for the Caregivers Army. Congratulations to Carolyn Haynali and Army members!!

Members of the Caregiver's Army Community can now add their bios on-line at:http://www.egroups.com/community/CAREGIVERSARMY. You must sign in first and then click on files in the left hand navigation and then members bio's. Be sure to have your bio ready as a text file (.txt) to upload it to the site. It's easy to do!

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