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Through The Eyes Of An Alzheimer's Patient

                              By Carolyn Haynali 5/2/05 ©     MP3 Version

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As I look at you I am not able to tell you how I really feel

But want you to try to understand that I am still here

Locked in my mind are feelings that I can't seem to let out

I see you... as you are talking to me

I see in your eyes that you expect me to respond back but I can't

I can hear what you are saying but I can't tell you how I feel

or what I am thinking

So please look at me and see me the way I used to be

I was strong, I was laughing, and I smiled and I loved you

Talk to me as if I can understand you

Because even though I can't tell you

I do hear you, I can see you, and I can feel your touch

I still have feelings and can feel your love

and see the pain, and the sadness in your eyes

because you are not able to help me

I am still here trapped inside this body

But In my heart I have not left you

I still love you even if I can't tell you

So remember that I can see you through my eyes

Some days it's like a puzzle and I am trying

to fit the pieces together

There are times I am not able to

But be patient with me and look at me

Through the eyes of this disease they call Alzheimer's

Because I am still here and I can see you and

I will always love you

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