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Making a Donation

The Caregiver's Army does a lot of free public service work from supplying and circulating the petitions, meeting with House Representitives, Talking before Ombudsman, Veteran, Caregiver and Alzheimer groups and creating books, pamphlets, videos and other ways to get the message out. All of this costs money and is supported completly by our founder Carolyn Hanoli and "members" of the Caregiver's Army.

If you would like to help, any donations would be appreciated to defray the costs of endeavers. The Caregiver's Army is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Donations can be sent to:

The Caregiver's Army
WEST CHESTER, Ohio 45069

Many thanks to all who have helped out. Please take a moment to see who they are.

You could help by...

Circulating the Petition

Telling people

Writing Articles

Write letters to your local government

Contacting your local agencies

Support Group

Sign up for the ListServ/Digest

Be part of the community

A Yahoo Email Group

Get help and help others

Send and receive email from the group