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Caregiver's Army in Washington DC

Read Carolyn's report on a very successful trip!

The Caregivers's Army was received very well when we went to Franklin's Church of the Brethren Washington DC met Marc Rittle & Greg Laszakovits Coordinator Church of the Brethren. Marc was a blessing to us and helped carry the signatures he went with us for the day at all the meetings. Thank you Marc you were wonderful and a big help.

with congressman Pitt We met with Frankli'sn congressman Pitts from Penn. We will have pictures to show you when I get them. Presented him with all the material and the Caregivers Army ribbon.........

Caregiver's Army in Washington Then off to the meetings the distance between the building is a lot of walking so we took a cab and got his signature too.

We were met with Angelique who is the staff person for Congressman Markey office. I was told then that Congressman Markey wanted to meet me in his office before the meeting.
Caregiver's Army in Washington

I was surprised and honored she also told me I would be the first speaker. I was schedule to be the last speaker before. This was all changed as you will see God had prepared the way before I even got there. Congressman Markey talked to us and show us pictures of his mother who had Alzheimer and his dad who just died he took care of her at home. He has a lot of compassion for the Caregivers we are unsung heros that was the topic. I gave him the material and pin the Caregivers Ribbon which my daughter had designed and did a wonderful job at that thank you Denise.

We will have a lot of pictures to show you all when we get them back from Franklin son in law he loaned us his digital camera it was great.

Caregiver's Army in Washington

Went into the meeting and met a lot of wonderful people, Congressman Markey spoke and I wish you all could of heard his message he has the heart for being in that position of the Alzheimer's Task Force. We will be getting things done for the Caregivers and more research. You will see it happen..............!!!!!!!

There will be some legislation coming up and I will keep you all informed as Angelique will tell me so that you are can vote on it.

The Caregivers Army will continue keeping in contact with the Task Force and collecting signatures till we get something done.................It's not over it's just the beginning .

I was introduced by Congressman Markey and it was a wonderful introduction for the Caregivers Army . He read my bio and about Chuck and I.

I was asked to come up and I presented him with over 20,517 signatures and told him how these names came from all over the country and people are concerned and want something more done. I explained the bow on the signatures package the rainbow stood for all Caregivers no matter what disease that are dealing with and it represents HOPE, the red heart is for the compassion of the Caregivers taking care of a loved one, the little gold bow is what binds us together. This presentation was building a memory for the Caregivers Army each name, and the people that worked to collect the names was all a part of the wonderful mission. I am so proud of all of you......you are all the unsung hero's............

I can't put it all into words but the Caregivers Army was recognized for all our hard work that we all have done. I was asked to read my Alzheimer Patient's Prayer this was a privilege and I was honored.

I gave the 4 things that we needed and ask them to do.

Alzheimer's is a serious threat to our country. We are asking for:

!. Increased budget for Alzheimer research
2. More research efforts to find a cure or something to prevent it.
3. Greater incentives, resources and help for researchers.
4. Help to the Caregivers, to alleviate their burden Caregiver's Army in Washington

When I was finished Congressman Markey hugged me and said I was a hero.....I thank them all for having the Caregivers Army at this meeting and said God Bless you all. Congressman Markey left he was in session, and the meeting went on so now I knew why I was the first speaker had I been last he would not of been there. See how good God is......

I got very good response and I gave the material out and cards we also had lunch. Judy Riggs from the Alzheimer organization me that will see how they can help us, also some other's organization said I will hear from them and I know I will. This mission was accomplished now we will be moving on to the next stage of the Army.

I will get letters out to the Task Force and I would like you to write to you own Congressman in your part of your world and tell them to join the Alzheimer's Task Force. They have 131 members they need 230 then they can get the votes when they want to pass led gestation. This is something you all can do for the Caregivers Army.

I will be posting into all newspaper with pictures as soon as I get them.

There is a lot more if you have any question please let me know. The Army is Marching right along.

Caregiver's Army in Washington

Then at 1:15 met with Congressman Dennis Kucinich gave him the material and he is standing with us and told his Aide to be sure and sent us a letter stating that. He had two of his aide's to take us on a tour of the Capital. It was wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Yes I cried on the way home and wish I could of shared this moment in my life with Chuck. I will tell him about it but know he will not understand. I called him and was talking and he put the phone down could hear the nurse say talk to your wife Chuck and he picked up the phone and said I forgot....................

There has to be something out there that they can do to stop this terrible disease and I will be a VOICE and FIGHT till I can't do it any more..................
have a blessed day.........
God Bless the Caregivers Army
Carolyn (LadyDove)

Carolyn Haynali Spokesperson & Founder Caregivers Army

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