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If you wish to help us please sign up for some volunteer work by clicking here. If you would like to make a donation click here.

The Caregiver's Army needs lots of help - and you can help from your home or in your community.

Take Action! Contact your Legislator! It's easy to do. The Alzheimer's Association is sponsoring a Take Action and contact your legislator on line from their site. Just Click Here and follow the instructions today!

  1. Find Your Members Of Congress Using Your Zip Code.

Go to
http://www.alz.org/Advocacy/join/write.asp and type in your zip code. Submit your search and the names and addresses of your Members of Congress will appear. You can also find Members of Congress by last name, state or committee assignments. Warning: About 1% of the time, a zip code search will indicate that you have two House members because the district is split within a specific zip code.

  1. Write Your Members Of Congress A Personal Letter Or E-Mail Message.

After you find your Members of Congress http://www.kintera.org/siteapps/advocacy/search.aspx?c=mmKXLbP8E&b;=213028 follow the directions below. Click the View Detail button to get his or her address and then click the Write Legislator button to compose your letter or click to see a Sample Letter. Congressional offices (like our entire society) are becoming more and more technology driven. Generally, as long as there is an identifiable return address and you are an area constituent, e-mail will be treated with as much respect and impact as a conventional letter. Sending bulk e-mail or spamming congressional offices with form letters is not appropriate or helpful to our cause.

A new way to help the Caregiver's Army get the message out. Carolyn's book is out! Read all about "Poetry From The Heart By an Alzheimer's Caregiver" and find out how to order your copy. Proceeds go to Caregiver's Army

If you'd like to circulate the petition - you can contact us above, or go directly to the petition page where you can download the petition in a PC word format or downlaod/print it as an Adobe PDF. If you don't have the PDF viewer it's time to get it! It's free and what the majority of the government forms available on the web are. You'll need it eventually.... There's a link to the free view on the petition page.

Download our Press Kit and read our latest Press Releases. Let your community papers and government know you support more involvement in ALzheimer's Research and the Caregiver's Army.

Join the Caregiver's Army and participate online in our ListServ and chat. You can read the digest online without joining!

Learn about the Caregiver's Army and meet the people behind the army.

You could help by...

Circulating the Petition

Telling people

Writing Articles

Write letters to your local government

Contacting your local agencies

Support Group

Sign up for the ListServ/Digest

Be part of the community

A Yahoo Email Group

Get help and help others

Send and receive email from the group