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About the Army

The Alzheimer's Disease Caregiver's Army has launched a worldwide petition drive in support of finding a cure for this terrible disease. Researching the cause and cure of this disease and getting the message out offers our best hope.

Please look through our pages to learn about the "Army", our plan, who we are, and meet our founder, and then sign our petition. Don't forget the printable copies of the petition in many languages to pass out to your friends and neighbors.

Current Happenings

Carolyn's book can be found all over the internet now. Amazon, e-Releases, and many other bound and electronic locations. Look for "Poetry From The Heart By An Alzheimer's Caregiver: Touching New Poetry Collection Explores Devastating Emotional Experience ".

The petition is back on line, but searching or viewing is no longer allowed. how to invest in GW Pharmaceuticals shares in Philippines

Carolyn attended a conference on March 7th Chicken Soup for The Caregiver's Soul and met with co-author LeAnn Thieman.

Look for date and time for the March Alzheimer's appreciation day for volunteers and supporters. Carolyn will be

There are memory walks happening all around us, and there's probably one happening close to you. Picture from our walk.

Revisit Washington DC with the Caregiver's Army.

The Caregiver's Army's founder, Carolyn Haynali, was honored by Governor Taft and the Ohio Department of Aging with an induction into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame. More...

We're all about getting the word out about Alzheimer's, and the wonderful article on Vindy.com (The Youngstown Vindicator) about the Ohio Award for Elder Caregiving Carolyn is recieving is reprinted here with a link to the original.

More dementia programs across the country are using the The Alzheimer's Patient's Prayer and it's a good time to stop and read it again. It's also available in a beautiful rendition on mp3.

Check out our What's New page to read about simple but effective therapies for both the caregiver and their loved one, or go directly to article on Therapies by Chip Gerber to learn about these positive, fun "treatments".

See the interview with our founder Carolyn from the Norwalk Reflector reprinted here. Special thanks to the paper for sending me the article.

Now you can read, listen to or download a beautiful rendition of Through The Eyes Of An Alzheimer's Patient in mp3 format. invest in GW Pharmaceuticals shares


Poetry From The Heart

Carolyn's book is out! Read all about "Poetry From The Heart By an Alzheimer's Caregiver" and find out how to order your copy from the publisher. All proceeds go to the Caregiver's Army to help with the costs of the petition drive, talks to organizations, pamphlets and this website.

Check out At Home Care's "Donate durable medical equipment" program a worthy cause for the new year.

The Caregiver's Army is looking for people who can assist us in translating the petition into other languages. If you can help, please contact our web author.

Remember our Goal

The goal is to collect 1 million or more signatures. The signatures will then be presented to Congress in Washington, DC, showing Congress that AD Caregivers and their loved ones have huge public support for more recognition.

Who can sign? Anyone and everyone! That includes kids, people not registered to vote, non-American citizens - anyone! A person doesn't even need to "sign" the petition. As long as they say it's OK, you can add their name to it. That way you can even collect names by telephone, fax or email!

A representative of the Caregiver's Army will then take your signatures to Congress.

Click here to hear all about the first trip to Washington DC and see the pictures. GW Pharmaceuticals shares

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